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About Sambhal

Sambhal from New Delhi.[3] Sambhal district, which had population of around 22 lakh, was carved out of Moradabad district in September 2011. It consists of three tehsils Sambhal and Chandausi, taken from Moradabad, and Gunnaur, taken from Badaun. Sambhal city is famous for its unique kind of horn and bone craft items which is manufactured in Sarai Tarin 4 km away from Sambhal city which are being exported. Sambhal headquarter is situated in Pawasa Sambhal.Sambhal has a rich history and has been home to several rulers and emperors. It was found in Satyuga. At that time it was a very big city. From the Lodis to the Mughals, right from the 5th century BC and spanning up to the 16th Century, it has been under the rule of one emperor or the other. During 5th century BC, Sambhal was home to the Panchal rulers and was subsequently a part of king Ashokas empire. During the 12th century, Prithviraj Chauhan, Delhis last Hindu ruler is said to have engaged in two fierce battles here which were both fought against Ghazi Sayyad Salar Masud, who was the nephew of the ruler of the Ghazni empireMahmud Ghazni. Chauhan gained victory over the latter in the first war and vice versa is said to have occurred in the second war. There nevertheless is no circumstantial evidence to prove the same and is widely regarded as a legend. Qutubuddin Aibak, the first Muslim sultan of Delhi, seized Sambhal and included it under his empire. That was in the early 14th Century and subsequently, Firoz Shah Tughlaq, another sultan of Delhi, raided the town of Sambhal as one of the Hindu rulers from there was responsible for the killing of several of his men. He, therefore, administered a Muslim rule in Sambhal to try and vanquish all of the Hindu rulers forces and enslave him for the rest of his life. In 15th century BC, Sikandar Lodi, the second ruler of the Lodi empire, declared Sambhal as one of the capitals of his vast empire and it remained that way for four long years. After the previously mentioned empires had collapsed, it was then the turn of the Mughals to stake a claim in the offerings of Sambhal as a place that was most suited to be the capital of their empire. Babar, the first Mughal ruler constructed the first Babri Masjid in Sambhal which is to date considered to be a historic monument. He later on made his son Humayun the governor of Sambhal and Humayun in turn passed on the reigns to his son Akbar. Sambhal is said to have flourished under the Akbar rule but subsequently deteriorated in popularity when Akbars son Shah Jahan was made the incharge of the city.

Sambhal is in UP EAST telecom region.

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Tata docomo, Idea

Mobile recharge and Datacard dealers near Sambhal

Name Address
Idea Point Store Sarai tareen near B.D.Inter college Sambhal
Kd Communication Chaudhary Sarai, Near Police Chowki Sambhal 9837144666-Pincode-244302
Idea Store Chaudhary Sarai, Near Police Chowki Sambhal 9837144666-Pincode-244302
Shuvam Enterprise Infront of budharaja high School, Sambalpur
Al arqam Enterprises Husaini Road nakhasa Sambhal, Moradabad
AY Telecom Opp. Gandhi Murt, Chandousi Road, Billari, Moradabad- 244411
Baba Enterprises College market babrala
Gandhi Nagar A-17, Gandhi Nagar, Rampur Road, Opp. Loveena Restaurant, Moradabad
Radhaji Communication Gate No-2 Opp. Railway Station Moradabad-244001
Satnam Associates MDA Colony, Sai Mandir Road, Vimal Giri Complex, Moradabad
Vardan Cellphone Sita Road, Near Ganesh Mandir, Chandausi
Warsi Advetriser Near SBI Delhi Road, Pakwada Moradabad
Yash Computers Chandausi Babrala Road