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Dumraon (Hindi: , Urdu: ) is a city and a municipality in Buxar district in the state of Bihar, India. Ustad Bismillah Khan, the shehnai maestro from India was born on 21 March 1916 at Bhirung Raut Ki Gali here. Dumraon is an old town (one of the oldest municipality of Bihar) in Buxar district in Bihar (pin no. 802119). It is also one of the oldest princely states of India. It is a Block (Tehsil) under Buxar distt of Bihar, just one and half Km south from National Highway (NH- 84 (Ara-Buxar Highway)), 20km north from NH-30 (Patna-Ara-Mohania) & almost 80km from NH-2 (Delhi- Kolkata).Plain fertile land, It is very famous for its mats and 'Dari'.Bihariji Ka Mandir, Dumrejani mai ka Mandir & Kaliji Ka Mandir are some very beautiful tourist and religious destinations. Beautiful landscape and old city heritage, classic Architecture (British Era)hold some tourist potential. Horil shah was the founder of this big town, and so it was earlier known as Horilnagar.Horilshah was...

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