Five Minutes to Live

  • 1961

11 %
$ 5 Million

Five Minutes to Live is a 1961 English-language Crime Drama movie directed by Bill Karn and produced by James Ellsworth and Ludlow Flower under the banner of Somera Productions-Flower Film Productions. CONTAINS SPOILERS Originally released in 1961 as Five Minutes to Live, this low-budget crime drama was later re-released as Door-to-Door Maniac. Fred narrates the film in flashback, detailing a suburban bank robbery that goes awry. In his simple plan, he hires a hard-up hood, Johnny Cabot to take the wife of the bank's vice president hostage. Cabot will hold her until he gets a call alerting him that Fred has been successful in getting ransom money. Cabot waits, and watches the Wilson house as the husband leaves for the bank and their young son heads off to school. Posing as a door-to-door guitar instructor, he forces his way into the house and takes Nancy Wilson hostage. At the bank, Fred talks his way into Ken Wilson's office, and presents his personal check for $70,000, intending that Wilson will withdraw the funds to cover the check as a ransom for his wife. He has Wilson call home to prove that Nancy is being held by the unstable Cabot, and gives Wilson 5 minutes to make his decision. If Fred fails to call the house back, Cabot is to kill Nancy. Wilson confesses to Fred that he has been planning to run off to Las Vegas with Ellen, the woman he has been having an affair with, and Fred will be doing him a favor by getting rid of Nancy. But as the minutes tick by, Wilson cracks and agrees to give him the money. Fred make the first call to save Nancy. The clock starts ticking again, another 5 minutes, for Fred to collect the money and get out of the bank safely. While Fred is working on Wilson, Nancy is terrorized by Cabot-- manhandled and shot at, invited to slip into something comfortable (which she does in a futile attempt to distract him) and finally forced to listen to him serenade her with Five Minutes to Live and I've Come to Kill while he waits for the second call. The call hasn't come as Fred has been overpowered by the police, who were alerted by the bank's silent alarm. Cabot is getting and stressed. While worrying about Fred not calling, he is completely thrown by Little Bobby arriving home for lunch just as the police arrive at the Wilson house. Cabot panics, grabs Bobby and runs into the yard under police fire. Bobby fakes his death to save himself, and Cabot is shot by a cop in the yard. Nancy is reunited with her now-contrite husband, who decides he will still go to Las Vegas, but with Nancy. Written by msb/lll. Five minutes to live stars Johnny Cash, Donald Woods, Cay Forrester, Pamela Mason, Vic Tayback, Cay Forester and Rue Mcclanahan. The screenplay is written by Cay Forrester. Cinematography was done by Carl E. Guthrie and editing by Donald Nosseck. The film has a running time of 80 minutes. The Film was successful at box office. Five Minutes to Live was made on a budget of $0 million and it was a super hit at box office gross of $5 million. Distribution rights for the film were acquired by Sutton Pictures.

Release Date 1961
Run Time 1 HOUR 20 MINUTES
Budget $ 0 MILLION



Crime , Drama , Music , Thriller

Cast & Crew