About Madhubani

Madhubani is a town and a municipality in Madhubani district in the Indian state of Bihar. It is the district headquarters. It lies 26km northeast of Darbhanga town and was part of the erstwhile 'Bettiah Raj'. Internal disputes and family quarrels divided the Bettiah Raj in course of time. The Madhuban Raj in Madhubani was created as a consequence. The word "Madhuban" means "forest of honey" from which Madhubani is derived, but sometimes it is also known as "madhu"+"vaani", meaning "sweet" "voice/language". Madhubani is the cultural heart of Mithilanchal, being the birthplace of many literary people and home to Madhubani Paintings. The Madhubani district is situated at height of 80 meters from Sea. North:Hill region of Nepal South:Darbhanga East :Supaul West :Sitamarhi Madhubani occupies a total of 3501 sq. kms. Main Rivers are Kamla , Kareh, Balan, Bhutahi Balan, Gehuan, Supen, Trishula, Jeevachh, Koshi and Adhwara Group. High Flood Level is 54.017 m. Whole District is...

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