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Nabha (Punjabi:) is a city and municipal council in the Patiala district to the south-west of the Indian state of Punjab. In 1998, the annual income of Nabha state was Rs 1,50,000/-.Cite error: Closing missing for tag; see the help page had six sons namely, 1.Tiloka 2.Ram Singh 3.Rudh 4.Chunu 5. Jhandu and 6.Takhtmal. Annual income of Nabha state was Rs 1,50,000/-. Claiming descent from the Jaisal, founder of Jaisalmer State in 1156, the founder of this Sikh dynasty, Phul, was Chaudhri (Governor) of a country located at the south east of Delhi. Phuls descendants founded 4 States: Patiala State, Jind State, Faridkot State and Nabha State. Nabha was founded by the great-grandson of Phul in 1755. Tiloka had two sons namely, 1. Gurudutta 2. Sukh Chain. Sukh Chain's descendants ruled Jind state and Gurudatta's descendants ruled Nabha state. Gurudatta's only son was Surat Singh. Surat Singh died in 1742 prior to Gurudatta in 1744. Surat Singh had two sons 1. Hamir Singh (17551783 )...

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