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It was released in 2019 and has a runtime of 147 minutes. Peranbu is a 2018 Tamil Drama film. The Film stars Mammootty in the lead role along with Sadhana, Anjali, Anjali Ameer, Samuthirakani in supporting roles. It was released on 31th January 2019. The Film was made on a budget of ₹7 crore.Peranbu had its world premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam on 27 January 2018, and had the Asian premiere at the Shanghai International Film Festival, China on 17 June.

Certificate U/A (INDIA)
Release Date 31 JAN 2019
Run Time 147 MINUTES
Budget ₹ 7 CRORES

Malayalam, Tamil



Cast & Crew


This story revolves around a husband who lives with his 14 year old daughter who is suffering from the spastic disease. Amudhavan was recalling each moments of his life with his daughter as different chapters. It is also known that he had to take care of his daughter without any assistance of his wife. As Amudhavan 's wife had taken care of their daughter for a long time and she have asked Amu to take care of her till she grows old.For the first few days Amudhavan had difficulties in taking care of her because she don't really speak a lot and she screams when SHE seeS her dad. Her way of reacting to her dad will be by nodding her head and giving sounds to her dad if he ask her about anything. Although his relatives and neighbours knew about his pity condition they did not offer a single help to him. Even his sister in-law avoided him and sternly informed him that she is afraid that her daughter may grow being like Pappa. On the other side Amudhavan was being chased by the house owners and other people including his relatives to move out of their house which they are in now. Amudhavan was stubborn and reacted sternly to them in a rough manner. He was worried for many things. Amudhavan had a mixed feeling in him. He started to approach Pappa but Pappa seems to neglect him at first. Soon, he began to create a bond with Pappa. Then they grew being close with one another. For Amudhavan life was not easy because the people kept forcing him to sell his house and buy another one although he doesn't want to. Besides this, he had to take care of his daughter as a single husband.One night when Pappa was heavily sleeping, Amudhavan got awake feeling uneasy. He noticed some blood stains on the bed and concluded that His daughter had attended age. The next morning, he went out and reached to a lady and asked her to help Papa to do all the things that had to be done. At first Papa was scared and terrified but Amudhavan made her to relax and let her know everything. The same day, another lady called Vijayalakshmi volunteered herself to do the house chores and take care of Papa with the condition of giving her the basic needs. It was also spotted that Viji came to Amu's house for a reason which is to chase Amu and the daughter out of their house. She also pretends to be close with Amudhavan and marries with him. Amudhavan once invited Viji's uncle to their house for a day and he stayed together with them. The next day, Viji brought Pappa closer to a well and tries to push her into the well but Amudhavan stopped her doing so. He then realised that she came with a plan to kill Pappa so that Amu shifts to another house. After this incident, Amudhavan finally leaves his house. He also got to know that Viji was actually married to another man and had a son. Now, Viji's family was living in Amudhavan 's house and Amudhavan went away to another house. The people did not offer him any money although he sold his house because he was stubborn at first so this made Amudhavan to work leaving his daughter in his house. Meanwhile, Pappa watched a lot of scenes in the television with revolves around men. One day, Pappa was having nausea and Amudhavan brought her to a hospital. The doctor then informed Amu that the daughter had fungal infection and gave her some medicine. She also asked him to meet Dr.Dhanapal and he advised Amu to send his daughter to a spastic children's home for her to learn a lot. Amu did not had the heart to leave his daughter alone there for 3 days but he had to with a heavy heart. Paapa too missed her dad and cried in remembering him. Meanwhile, when Amudhavan was going back he met Meera and got to know about her very well. Meera too helped Amudhavan to find a house for him. When Amudhavan went again to meet Paapa a social worker lied to Amudhavan saying that Papaa had went on a field trip but another spastic child over there who knows Amudhavan pointed his hand towards to upper floor and revealed that Paapa was been beaten by the workers. With a heavy heart Amudhavan brought Paapa back home. Amudhavan also meets Dr. Dhanapal in order to understand more about his daughter. He also asked Meera's help to take care of Paapa. Amudhavan was also worried that his daughter was influenced bu the television shows a lot He notices that his daughter was observing boys a lot. Then for the climax Amudhavan decided to commit suicide and his daughter too follows him. They two enter the sea in the night but eventually their action were stopped by Meera. Amudhavan then finish out his final chapter by labelling that nature is a great love revealing that Meera his new wife had now thought him that love is great. The story ends that Paapa is now living happy with both her dad and stepmother.

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  • Ram Subramaniam
    ( Director )
  • Pl Thenappan
    ( Producer )
  • Yuvan Shankar Raja
    ( Music director )


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